Building a Great Community

When we started building Deva Nagar, we were not only aiming to create a premium township. We wanted to create a community of people who shall live and grow together for years to come.

Keeping this goal in mind, we are very pleased with the way this community is developing. The residents have developed familial relations with each other and even have a WhatsApp group just like any other big family. The resident committee’s work has also been great, they have always kept in mind the collective as well as individual well-being of each resident. Belonging to a group of people like the one in Deva Nagar feels as if you have found an extended family which is always near you and there for you.

This community can be seen at its best during festivities. All the families come together and host functions and parties during the various festivals which occur throughout the year. This strengthens the friendship between neighbours and creates a great environment especially for the children.

The community consists of people who form the pride and joy of the city of Begusarai. From experienced professionals who ace their field and business stalwarts who have made a mark by setting up industries which employ hundreds and thousands of people to others who have made themselves a name through the good, they do for society.

Essentially, when we define Deva Nagar as a luxury community, we do not only refer to the infrastructure but also to the people who give life to its buildings.

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