Home care in the monsoons

The monsoons are a season which bring a lot of joy and happiness after the sultry summers. This said, this season brings a whole new set of problems also. The weather can be the reason behind major issues such as structural damage to buildings or water seeping in from the roofs.

Listed below are a few things which every flat or villa owner can keep in mind while preparing their home for the monsoons:

1. Look after your doors: Wooden doors tend to swell during this season which will make it difficult to open or shut them. Make sure that you oil and wax them regularly and if needed, you can get some of the wood scraped as well.

2. Furniture maintenance:

We strongly discourage buying any new furniture during this season as taking care of your current possessions will be task enough. All wooden furniture should be kept separated from the walls to avoid transfer of moisture. Keep naphthalene balls or other moisture absorbers inside drawers and cupboards to keep them dry and insect free.

3. Get rid of the weird smell:

The monsoons bring a weird smell into your home. If you want to get rid of this smell then make cleaning a regular routine and store away all carpets and rugs for a couple of months. You could also try using potpourri or scented candles to infuse a fresh smell into the home.

4. Damages to the electrical circuit: Make sure all your devices have been earthed properly as rain is accompanied by lightning which can completely destroy your electronics by sending a surcharge of electricity through the wiring.

5. Proper ventilation: Opening windows and doors may not be an option. So try installing air purifiers or ventilators to create an artificial air flow.

The team of Deva Developers can assure you that our structural quality is of the topmost order, so we like to provide you with tips to ensure that the house is maintained well from the inside also.



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