The impact of Social Media on Real Estate

The advent of the internet and the world wide web completely changed the way in which we carried on our businesses. For many years, the field of real estate, especially in India, felt no impact of the modern business solutions developing across the world. Real estate had always been a very conventional sector as choosing a home is a big decision. Customers tend to only trust their acquaintances and the brokers they hired to guide them to a new home.

This all changed when websites such as Zillow and 99acres came up. They aggressively marketed themselves in a way which got both home sellers and buyers to trust them. This laid the foundation for an emerging online market of real estate.

The success of these websites can largely be attributed to the educated men and women of the country who are busy with their daily jobs and have no time to go from place to place looking for their dream home. When a person is somewhere between 25 to 40 years old, they are looking for houses to rent or even their first purchase but they simply cannot afford the time off work.

These websites presented a ready solution, they had thousands of listings with filters for areas, surrounding facilities, prices and much more. People had also started to trust web platforms thanks to sites like amazon and it helped when these sites worked for free and there was no downside to looking for a home on them.

Simply summarized, the entire housing market was revolutionized in terms of transparency, choices and quality by the presence of these websites.

Transparency, quality and modern solutions are the same attributes on which we pride ourselves. Deva Developers has only used the best quality of materials to create Deva Nagar, which is the flag-bearer of modern housing in Begusarai. Not only this, we believe in complete transparency as far as our working and pricing is concerned. So take this opportunity to fulfill your life-long wish of owning the perfect home!



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