The joy of owning your own home

We always hear people talk about their dream home. Listen to young people talk and at some point, they will mention some amazing house which they want to purchase at some point in their life. No one talks about how, someday, they would like to rent a certain house. At some level, we all understand that the bliss of buying a home cannot be matched by renting one.

One of the biggest arguments that people give in favour of renting is that they do not have sufficient funds to purchase a home. What people fail to realize is that it has become much easier to buy a home in today’s economy and it actually proves to be cheaper than renting one in the long run.

Allow us to explain how buying a home can be a better financial decision, especially if someone is certain about the city in which he is going to stay in the future. Financing a home purchase has become much more convenient with the option of paying fixed EMI’s with practically zero hidden costs and minimal down payments. Comparatively, renting leads to increasing costs over the years with floating charges and renegotiable contracts.

A major advantage with purchasing is that the person ends up with an asset. Assuming that one makes a smart choice of property, it’s value is only going to appreciate over time and could very well get him a good return in case he decides to sell it someday.

Keeping all this in mind, we realized that the people of Begusarai should also get access to homes which somewhat resemble what they had always dreamed to own. This is exactly what we are endeavoring to achieve with Deva Nagar. The township will be a modern architectural marvel with villas, towers and much more. Take your first steps towards owning your dream home now!

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