Why Buy a Home in Begusarai

The family of Deva Developers believes that all good things should start from home. So, we have started our journey with our flagship project “Deva Nagar”, a 20-acre township being built in the city of Begusarai. Begusarai is very close to our heart as that is the place from where the ‘Deva’ family of Ulao, our promoters, originate.

Beyond the family connect, Begusarai offers a variety of features which makes it the perfect place to build our flagship project. It is the commercial capital of East Bihar and one of the fastest growing cities in a state experiencing rapid development. This is due to the presence of a vast industrial sector with an Indian Oil refinery, thermal power plant and much more. The city is very well connected by road and rail, which is the reason behind investors finding it lucrative to set up production units over there.

Over the last few decades, the city’s youth have largely emigrated from there after completing their education in search for better opportunities. This equation seems to be changing for the better with the city’s growth; it has witnessed the setting up of large units relating to the dairy, carbon and metal manufacturing industries. These industries have created jobs and brought prosperity to the city, which can be seen in the establishment of world class medical and educational facilities.

As per us, all the city needed at this point was a modern housing project which matched the city’s new status. This is exactly what Deva Nagar is- the perfect home for all those people who are living in the city and even for those who have decided to return after years of living away from home!



Disclaimer: This website is for easy display of project. It is not to be treated as part of sale/legal document.

Promoters reserve right to make modifications / changes in design / execution, if and when necessary.

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